...is only part of the solution.

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I have forbidden interests like yaoi and yuri. You can say that I am an open guy...

All rare or you might call it "weird" pairings are mostly in my region. Especially usually what you would call your "uke" will be my "seme".

If you'll friend me that will be most welcome. Just try to tell me why you did so, I would like to know! Ciao for now!

Oh, and I have a fanfiction.net account too. But I am more active in DeviantArt account lately. And whatever stuff about fanfictions I urge you to look into DA rather than FF because FF's autoformat sucks. I'll see if I can upload my stuff into LJ. But before that ever happens, Livejournal is practically dead now, unless if you PM me or something...my e-mail will notify me.